My designs include elements of hand-painted bevels, hand-painted panels, hand-drawn lines, layered bevels, marble mats, and gold leaf and palladium leaf.  I am one of the few framers that still offers these elements for decorative mats.

I also have a wonderful gallery and shop collection of matted and unframed plates and prints from the 1700's and 1800's that are for sale. See Gallery 1, 2, and 3 for examples.

My Clients include individuals, collectors, and other framers.

Paris. Original watercolor by a Paris Artist, N. Dluales.  Rag paper is hand-painted and hand-wrapped on thicker mat board to add more depth to look into the artwork. This method allows a unique variegated color match not available with regular white core or solid color mats.  [Private Collection]

'Red-shouldered Buzzard'.  1891. Church & Co. Decorative elements are two hand painted bevels, a hand-painted panel, a narrow decorative paper panel and hand-drawn lines.

Decorative Mat Design:  Nuthatch, 1793, William Lewin, Copper plate engraved print with original hand-coloring.

Decorative elements include a 23.75 kt. Rosenoble gold, hand-leafed bevel and an 8-ply hand-painted variegated layered bevel.

Original artwork by British bird artist Ian Lewington.  Simple design with a hand painted grey variegated bevel.  The simple black scoop frame is perfect.

Grey Owl Framing is a one person, internationally recognized, independent frame shop.  I specialize in unique and unusual Decorative Mat and French Mat Designs for original watercolor, ink, acrylic, and other works on paper, antique prints, photographs, and children's art.

I work by appointment only, so we can collaboratively find the perfect design for your art without interruptions of other clients walking through the doors.  As I specialize in designs for paper based art, I don't do shadow boxes, jerseys, canvas art, or large pieces over 20" x 28".

French Mat Design:  White Roses, 2013. Watercolor by Donald D. Ruleaux. [Private Collection]

Decorative elements include a 23.75 kt. Rosenoble gold hand-leafed bevel, 6 hand-drawn lines, and a hand-painted panel.

I offer closed corner frames from Rhonda Feinman, a wonderful gilder in New York.  I have a small inventory of wood frame moulding I use for building custom size frames.  I also offer the option of providing the mat package without the frame or glazing, which reduces the risk of damage via shipping.  You can then use your own framer to pick out the frame and glazing.

Give me a call and we can talk about what you want.  Thanks!;  303-809-4957; Lakewood, CO.

Russ Wood / Grey Owl, Owner