Unique mat and frame style designs for you.

Simple double mat.  Bottom mat is hand applied gesso with black coloring;   top mat is of decorative silver.  Frame is silver scoop.

Limited edition print.  Two window mats with a hand-wrapped decorative bevel.  Window on the back side to see signature on the back. Frame has an irregular dark surface.

Shadowbox of an old arrowhead.  Gesso mat on the bottom, with a hand-painted and wrapped bevel on top.

Postcard of antique lamp with copper and crackle.  Objective was to make it look old. Added crackle gesso mat.  Hand colored gesso top mat for older copper effect.

"Christopher".  Old black and white photo from 1976.  Wanted white on white.  Added white hand-wrapped bevel and hand-painted baby blue bevel on top.

"Grandma".  Simple double mat design.