Unique mat and frame style designs for you.

Decorative Mats and French Mats

Antique trade card.  This is one of my early painted bevels.  Note the variegation in the bevels.  This is from my Aunt Mabel's scrapbook from the 1890's to 1910's.

A museum postcard.  Simple single 8-ply bevel with 22k gold leaf, hand laid.

Closeup of a hand-wrapped bevel.  Rag paper is painted and then wrapped for a deeper bevel.  Bevel is blue with gold and silver.

Antique trade card.  Decorative items are 2 panels, 3 ink lines, and one painted bevel.

Grey Owl Framing is known for the unique decorative mat elements used with paper based media.  These elements include multi-colored and variegated painted bevels, hand-painted or hand-laid panels, painted and unpainted decorative papers, metal leaf or genuine 22k and 24k gold leaf, ink or embossed lines and hand-painted or gesso laid mats.

Historically,  decorative mats with lines and panels have been called "French Mats".  These panels are often done with very pale watercolor washes.  While I still do some pale watercolor washes and lines in the traditional French Mat style, most of my lines and panels are now from brighter colored media which I believe is more appropriate for many designs.

Please review my website for examples of different decorative mat styles.