These original in, graphite and watercolor sketches are only available through Grey Owl Framing.  They come matted with 100% solid cotton museum rag mats, and hand painted decorative papers and are around $200 each.  A complete package with one of my nicer inventory frames, 99% UV Museum Glass glazing, and fitting and dust cover start at $100.  Regular 99% UV glass packages are slightly less.

Intoxicating and Hallucinating Mushrooms and Toadstools:

There are more than 10,000 known species of mushrooms in North America;  experts suspect this is only 1/3 of what is really there.   

Only a few hundred species are known to be hallucinating or Intoxicating but I like to imagine and sketch possible Intoxicating and Hallucinating Mushrooms and Toadstoolspecies that might be found.  And my corresponding classifications would be:

     Hallucinating:  Alucinatus Marginarium [Mighty Mind Memory].

     Intoxicating:  Leightonis Imaginatiunus [Latent Images].

These original watercolor, Ink and graphite drawings are by Russ Wood and are on heavier 300 lb cotton watercolor paper.  Some have fanciful stories about their origins.  For others, the stories still need to be told.  They are only available from Grey Owl Framing.

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